Content Marketing is Foolproof For Your E Business


Why the hue and cry about content marketing? Hasn’t it always been in the limelight?

Well, the reality is, before anything else, there was content. In fact, it was the root of what pushed the internet into one of the most vital inventions of modern technology. As per several marketing experts, “Content is the sole reason why search has begun in the first place.” Before the internet was muddled with display ads and PPC, and even before companies kicked off the SEO wild goose hunt, it was ‘content’ that helped them drive more traffic.

In this digital age, with shopper’s yearning for new products soaring at an alarming rate and business owners screaming “Buy! Buy! Buy!” at the top of their lungs, frantic enough to grab the prospects ever-fleeting attention. The only thing that’ll help your brick-and-mortar to stand out in the crowd- is content. A useful and qualitative ‘content strategy’, we must say!

The irony is, though we’ve seen the digital marketing big bang of technology, the content remains to have an immense impact on driving in more customers and sales. Rather than losing its ground (as we all would’ve thought!), it has turned out to be more useful.

In all its form – be it graphics, videos, or texts – the throne of content as a ‘king’ looks as if it has been established eternally in the world of business and marketing. To tell you, even e-commerce is added to the list – if there is anything, it is content that has a huge throne in marketing.

Sadly, most e-commerce businesses are creating content for content marketing is just for the sake of it; mainly because their competitors are doing so. Seldom do they have a concrete plan behind publishing content and thus it hardly makes a difference in their site traffic and conversion. So in this article, we’ve mentioned 5 tips to help you plan a foolproof content strategy. After putting these tactics to work, you can sit back and see the fruits of your labor.

Find Out New Set Of Keywords

An amazing piece of content created today would live forever on the internet and let us tell you forever is a very long time! Killer content will certainly drive in more traffic and sales for the years to come. Not to mention, it’ll do the rounds on various social media platforms producing back-links and referrals.
But for it to happen, you need to understand that all of this begins with the phrases and terms people type in Google’s search box.

You ought to ensure that your content fulfills the shopper’s need by providing the right information. And keyword research is what intends to reveal that need showing the competitors’ position. Some tools that you can use for keyword research include Google Search Console, Google Adwords Keyword Planner, and Serpstat Missing Keywords.

Arrange Keywords To Develop the Content Plan

Simply discovering new keywords using various tools doesn’t help in developing a foolproof content plan for content marketing. Instead, it will simply weigh you down. To avoid this situation, what you got to do is – arrange keywords in groups. Put them under various categories as per keyword intent. Here, the intent is basically a concept in lieu of customers’ main purpose while performing their search. The general categories are:

  • Transactional- Keywords that have a clear intent to purchase (for instance: purchase a tablet online)
  •  Navigational- Keywords that show the customer is eager to look for a specific website (for instance: Walmart tablet)
  • Informational- Keywords that are merely aimed at information (for instance: the history of tablets)
  • Commercial- Keywords that could be either transactional or informational. (for instance: cheapest tablet or tablet for kids)

Well, now that the list has been sorted, you’re all set to put it to use in your content strategy.

Use Catchy Headlines

When creating content, you must ensure that you’re starting with the basics: good, catchy headlines. In Google’s search results, your headline has an immense impact on the users. So, use those that grab your potential readers’ attention.

While creating a headline, make use of words that appeal to the readers’ senses and express feelings. From wondrous to skyrocket, there are several dominant words you can choose from. But, see to it that you aren’t stuffing the entire article with powerful words, as it’d look spammy. Bear in mind, only certain websites get noticed by going after the usual. So, why not break the mold and be a square peg in the round hole?

Apart from using catchy headlines, give away information that your customers would least expect, but make sure you’re backing it up with facts and research.

Make A Prolific Content

Productive, creative, prolific, etc are all synonyms defining amazing content. Readers would like to engage with your content only if it presses their right button. So, do you know the buttons for your readers? If yes, then your content is sure to spread like wildfire for content marketing.

Well, to make your content prolific you ought to make it viral. But how is that possible? The answer is – if your content is worth the views, it’ll spread on its own. Simply give your readers a reason to engage or share it.
Is it fabulous? Is it offering a discount coupon? Did we just say fabulous content?

You need to develop virality in the core of your content for your readers to share it with others. At times, it isn’t easy for an e-commerce business but sees to it that your blog stands out in the industry.

Set Up Content Marketing

Though several e-commerce businesses know the importance of content marketing, only some of them are laying down the basis to streamline their content via an awe-inspiring array of digital marketing platforms. In fact, with the revolution in the digital world, every business must be turning into a media firm.

Irrespective of the industry you’re in, the ability to create, spread, and keep an eye on content is a must! Of course, content marketing can be quite intimidating. Also, the rambling cyberspace would be scary to navigate unless you make use of the help available in great quantity.

There are several tools out there to get you started from formulating a strategy to creating and curating content, and from distributing and monitoring content to managing online projects.

Almost all of these tools are available with a free trial period, so check some of them and find out which one works out the best for you and your business.
Simple, isn’t it? Told you!

Content strategy is nothing out of the ordinary. But mind you, the power of content strategy is in following it consistently. You would’ve perhaps heard this before – “Showing up is half the battle”. Well, it is true over here!

For you to make your content work to grow your business, all you need to do is, create content over and over again; make the best out of every piece for easy consumption; publish them on platforms where your potential readers hang out; promote the ones you create to drive in more traffic and grow your business at every phase of the funnel. Now, that my friend, is how you establish an ever-growing e-commerce company with the help of powerful content for content marketing for E business!

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