Ways of Finding Entertainment on the Internet


The internet today is being used for a variety of purposes Entertainment on the Internet ranging from information, research, learning to entertainment, etc. in the entertainment space the internet has become most widely used with the arrival of media streaming sites and video upload sites like YouTube, Hotstar, Netflix, etc. some of the entertainment activities are more popular than others especially based on regional variations. For example, gambling sites and are more popular in the west than in Asian countries. Below discussed are the most popular ways using the internet for fun and entertainment.

1. Reading News, Blogs, Social Media Newsfeeds, and other articles

Reading news may not be very entertaining Entertainment on the Internet to many but there are people who feel relaxed when they read news and blogs online. The internet is becoming an endless source of information because there are people who consistently write blogs on personal life and experiences. There are many companies that run only online newspapers and provide the latest news on fingertips for free. These companies and individuals, in turn, make returns from ad revenue. So it becomes a win-win situation making the internet a single source of tons and tons of information.

2. Videos, Audios, and other multimedia

YouTube is becoming the second biggest search machine after google. People love seeing a video instead of reading a whole article. The logic is simple… the visual impression creates more impact and understanding in the brain. Though youtube holds the major share of video watchers in the market, there are several other big players like DailyMotion, Vimeo, Metacafe, etc.

3. Social Media

Is there anyone on the planet who does not have a social media account? Their answer is a big NO. people have at least an account in each social media platform and some people who like to keep different walks go independent from each other might even have 2 -3 social media accounts per platform. Am sure not anyone can imagine a life without social media. The social network keeps people connected and informed about what’s happening with your friends and what’s happening around. It helps to keep in touch and in contact whenever required. That’s to this amazing concept, all your childhood friends, school friends, old colleagues are all a fingertip away.

4. Playing Games

Games are a good means of entertainment for many. We all have been playing games on our PC or laptop but all you can do is play it yourself or with a couple of people on a network. While the internet allows you to play games with players sitting across the globe. You will gain points and win rewards for winning in the games which you played. This also helps in networking with like-minded people across the globe.

5. Just surfing the web

There are people who spend time on the internet but just for the sake of Entertainment on the Internet of spending time. According to reports, 47% of live internet users are surfing the web without any focused objective. These are people who simply stay online for entertainment purposes. They might start the session with an objective but later on, continue without any specific objective.

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