The Ultimate Guide To Designing An Effective Leaflet


Leaflets can be one of the most effective marketing tools available to any business, but the success of this type of marketing depends wholly on the leaflet design and print of it.  A leaflet must grab the customer’s attention and make them interested in the service or product that it is advertising.  It should induce some action, whether that is to phone a company, visit a website, place an order etc, but it should have a call of action on the leaflet.  Here is the ultimate guide to designing an effective leaflet to help you more.

Get It Professional Designed

Make your leaflet look professional.  Most leaflets are one page long, sometimes two front and back.  Use a graphic designer if you can afford to.  They exist for a reason! Anyone can write a few lines on a piece of a paper and print it up, but a graphic designer knows what looks good and what will grab your customer’s attention.  Unprofessional leaflets will make your business look bad and in the long run, will do more damage to your business.  Image is a huge thing in business, and you want to give the right impression.  It is like having a great reception area as your customer enters your business.  You don’t need a huge budget to have a graphic designer and believe me it really will be worth it.

Use Visual Images

Use images as well as words on your leaflets.  Make sure it is relevant and reinforces what is being said or the brand image that you are trying to portray.

Call To Action

According to Jamie from Leeds Printing Company “Have a call to action.  This is probably one of the most important points to leaflet designing.  You need to think about who your customer is and what you want them to do once they get your leaflet into their hands.”  Do you want them to call you? Visit a website? Buy a product? These are all things to think about when designing your leaflet.

Keep It Concise

Do not make your leaflet too big.  A5 size is the standard size for most leaflets as they are just the right size to fit through people’s letterboxes and are perfect for handing out if that is what you wish to do too.  You can get all your information on this size leaflet without getting it too cluttered and adding too much unnecessary information that the customer doesn’t need.

Concentrate On Your Headline

Use an attention-grabbing headline.  Most people after collecting leaflets that have been delivered to their home head to the bin, be honest! So, you need to grab their attention in the time that takes them to walk there.  This is where a good headline is needed more than ever.  Do not use your business name or product as the headline.  Created a headline like What do you do when your washing machine breaks down or be prepared – do not end up with massive repair bills.  Find out what would be important to your particular customer and come up with a unique headline for them.

End your leaflet with a strong conclusion that is only a paragraph long.  Reiterate the most important point of the leaflet that will drive your point to your customer.

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