The Top 5 Mobile Apps for Marketers


As mobile devices become more powerful and capable of performing the same functions as a standalone PC, combined with a competitive market ensuring lower prices and unlimited data plans, it’s no surprise that many marketers and brands are betting big on mobile as the next big gold rush.

In addition to the millions of users who will be reachable through apps, text messaging, QR codes, and video conferencing, a suite of apps and platforms designed for marketers to build their brands and reach new potential customers are available. These apps have powerful benefits that can make their lives easier and allow them to perform tasks on the go.

Here are our picks for the best mobile apps available to marketers:

  1. Tumblr – The top content creators of the world are on Tumblr, and following them on a mobile device couldn’t be easier (or nicer looking!) The Tumblr mobile app features a clean layout that allows for liking and re-blogging to the main page, as well as sharing via Facebook, Twitter, and email. While users can also post video, photos, and text updates, Sharing and re-blogging features are the core of Tumblr’s success, and the most used features of users, so it makes sense for this app to be a hybrid of sharing your content and interacting with other users’ content.
  2. Evernote- Evernote is a way to capture your notes, recordings, photos, and any other important content from a mobile device. The free service saves this info in the cloud and will sync across a desktop version so that you always have access to your latest information. The ability to constantly have a virtual notepad like this is so important for marketers who have to keep up-to-date on the changing landscape of marketing and networking.
  3. Dropbox – Dropbox is a free tool for collaboration and file sharing that turns your mobile device into an extension of the hard drive on your main PC. After signing up for an account, you can upload files and share them with others on your team, deliver final reports to clients, or transfer files between devices (such as home PC and office PC). If you are presenting files on a tablet rather than a smartphone, the app is a wonderful way to transfer files wirelessly, and give a high-tech presentation without having to worry about missing attachments.
  4. Hootsuite – Hootsuite is arguably the most popular social media management app with a slew of options, settings, and dynamic features to back up its reputation. Through their free mobile app, you can keep track of all of your custom Twitter streams and linked Facebook accounts, and receive a push notification when you have a new interaction or message. Almost all of the high-level management tools, such as link shortening and tracking, scheduling, and collaboration are included. Hootsuite sets the bar high for competing for social media management tools, and they have sacrificed nothing with their mobile app.
  5. Google Plus – With this app, Google has gone all out in an attempt to show other developers what the mobile platform is capable of. From a design standpoint, the app is gorgeous and includes stunning layouts, colors, graphics, and features without being too complicated. In addition to following members of your circles, the app’s killer features include group messaging (previously called Huddle) that allows you to quickly and easily chat with members of a circle or group of friends. Hangouts, which feature video conferencing, can be started or joined at any time through the app as well. It’s a powerful way to share and follow Google Plus’s main user base, which is the natural company for marketers and tech-savvy individuals.

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