Saxon 1149 EQ Reflector Telescope


Saxon 1149 EQ Reflector Telescope made of aluminum makes up the body structure and results in lightweight construction. Saxon always follows a well-surfaced principle and cuts into the steep competition with its distinguished products. This model is reviewed here to bring out more on the product specification and functionality.


This model is a suitable beginner scope with reflector technology. It brings a fascinating astronomical observation of the Moon, planets, and other deep celestial objects. The construction with the mirror technology has aluminized finish with the overcoated mirror. This optical design is known as Newtonian design. The other technical aspects and the supported accessories give it a perfect look-through of both the celestial and terrestrial objects. This device has a black housing with a glossy finish and weighs 15kg. The dimension of the tube is 15cm in diameter and the length is 83cm.

Aperture and Magnification:

The lens size of this product is 114mm in diameter which has a focal length of 900mm. This means the focal ratio is 8.0 and the highest magnification Saxon 1149 EQ Newtonian Telescope obtains is 337x. The supported eyepiece of various sizes which are 4mm, 10mm, and 25mm adds up to the magnification effect and gives an enhanced observation.

The Supported Aspects:

The finder scope one important addition for such models and it helps to locate the objects and track them in a perfect go. The finder scope of power 5×24 is available which is a model. The resolving power is 1 while the faintest Steller magnitude is 12.8.

This model is embedded with the Equatorial mount type which can be adjusted on both sides. The slow-motion control is both vertical and horizontal. The focuser diameter is 1.25” while the counterweights are 3.5.

The use of a tripod is distinguished as it gives hands-free observation. The size of the tripod is 71cm to 123cm of height adjustment. The tripod has an accessory tray that runs wall to wall.

The aperture of Saxon 1149 Celestial and Terrestrial Telescope is a much better and advanced light-gathering ability when compared to the model with the aperture of 76mm and 70mm, it gives about 125% and 165% better light gathering ability and brighter images.


Apart from the various features and the technical aspects it also has a smooth rack and pinion focuser and three super 1.25” eyepieces to make it a complete one. The use of a 1.5x erecting lens helps to view the terrestrial observation. Saxon provides a Moon and Solar system chart and an astronomical CD Rom along with the purchase of this product. It is also added with a limited warranty for the period of 60 months.

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