Role Of Technology In Our Life


Technology plays an important role in our daily life. Here Some Examples of the Role of technology.

Glasses to Combat Facial Recognition Systems

Facial recognition to prompt more in security systems and monitoring: a boon for some, but a gross violation of privacy for some Japanese researchers who intend to counter the most advanced systems.

Facial recognition modules are currently not limited to intelligence or national security agencies, they are directly integrated with camera stores, and even on Facebook. Also, some Japanese researchers have developed a pair of glasses that can block facial recognition of most cameras. The principle is simple since the glasses eventually incorporate infrared emitters that serve jammers.

Invisible to the naked eye, infrared LEDs are particularly well received by digital sensors, there has to point the camera of your smartphone to the diodes of the TV remote control to see. Also, by positioning a plurality of said LEDs on a spectacle frame, the system disrupts the reconnaissance cameras and prevents the identification of the wearer.

And if you doubt the prototype, know that several companies have already expressed their interest in this technology for future use. In addition, researchers already announced that it will be possible to propose pairs of glasses so in versions closer to traditional glasses at prices approaching $ 1 per unit. In addition, if you think that simply wearing a simple pair of sunglasses to trick facial recognition modules, Japanese researchers have shown that the simple module in Picasa was able to manage up to 5 different types of glasses, and several angles. Apart from secret agents and other individuals wishing to remain anonymous at all times, Stars could adopt this technology to fight against the intrusion of paparazzi in their private lives.

Acer Liquid Z110 Duo

Here is another example of the Role of technology

With a price of $ 100, the Acer Liquid Z110 Duo is one of the cheapest smartphones on the market. It is able to manage two lines simultaneously with its dual SIM card slot.

Acer launches Liquid Z110 Duo, a smartphone under $ 100 Able to manage two lines simultaneously with its dual SIM slot, Liquid Z110 Duo is one of the cheapest smartphones on the market.

After Liquid Gallant Duo, a low-cost smartphone with two SIM card slots, Acer continues its momentum with the Liquid Z110 Duo model to the complete equipment and particularly aggressive price (below 100 euros). Equipped with a 1GHz processor and a 3.5-inch screen the Liquid Z110 Duo can also, supports two SIM cards. Compatible 3G + Wi-Fi n and Bluetooth 3.0, the device loads, in addition, a 3-megapixel camera sensor and an FM radio. Comes with a 4 GB MicroSD card to compensate for its low internal memory of 512 MB, the Liquid Z110 Duo from Acer is already available at a price of $ 100. A simple version of SIM is expected in the coming weeks.

In the end, technology enters very deeply into our lives and plays a different kind of role in technology in different ways.

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