Personal Computer Power on Self Experiment


Personal Computer Power on Self-Test

If your computer is powered way up, the first job should be to check whether all the components of the computer are correctly working or not. This job is finished by BIOS through several tests known as Power on Self-Test (POST in short form). POST is carried available Electronic cigarette outlet by BIOS which resides on your computer motherboard. The primary objective of POST should be to provide diagnostic information about the computer E-cigarettes to the customer.

Sequence Of POST

When the computer is started up, BIOS is activated 1st. BIOS is a challenging coded program, embedded in the motherboard, which boots the computer. It also stores the hardware configuration records. Every time the computer can be powered up, BIOS loads the configuration data primarily memory first and after that executes POST.

Computer components checked by POST

POST checks the fitness of all computer components. A handful of very crucial components are generally checked first. Generally, Top electronic cigarettes power, BIOS, memory, heating along with cooling, hardware tests are executed in your mentioned order. Hardware exams include the keyboard, monitor, computer, printer, and scanner testing.

The detailed operation of POST

When your CPU is reset, BIOS sets out POST execution. Code delivery starts from the reset vector. For a cold boot, the ARTICLE E-cigarettes is executed from adobe flash memory, while in the way it is of the warm boot, PUT UP is executed from MEMORY. The first job of POST should be to confirm the integrity of the BIOS code itself. If your BIOS code is verified, it finds the sizing of system memory in addition to runs a memory try E-cigarettes out on system memory. And after that, system buses are detected, tested, and then initialized. If each and every system BIOS is recent then control is passed for it. POST provides an interface to system configuration. It again Top electronic cigarettes detect, organizes, and initializes all devices which are usually present during booting. What’s more, constructs a system environment, and that is required by the focus on OS.

Diagnostic Information

Once the POST execution has concluded, the result is produced on the user. Basically, there Top electronic cigarettes are two varieties of diagnostic information, namely- PUT UP Codes, Beep Codes. POST codes generate some sort of visual symbol of 2 characters which indicates from extent POST is accomplished. Beep codes occur that the motherboard is working well or if you’ll find E-cigarettes issues. In most cases merely one beep is heard if the effects of POST are OK plus the motherboard is working properly. In case, POST execution throws an end result showing a failure, PC support will have to fix the issue.

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