New Business: Trends and Opportunities 10 Years


A competitive way to start a successful business, is to anticipate future consumer situations, and take advantage of business trends ew . In this article, we discuss some trends for the next 10 years.

New Business Trends

There are several ways to analyze trends in new business , for example, growth industries, increased demographic niche, or a growing problem. Some of the trends we observe are:

New Business 1. Portable Technology

In the last 10 years we have seen the development of new technologies we take for granted today, such as portable MP3 players like iPod, tablets, mini laptop notebooks, among others. There are several business opportunities in this field of mobile technology, from sales to specialized repair.

New Business Ideas 2. Alternative energy

There is a race little known by the mass media in the creation of sustainable alternative energy (ie make it affordable to produce, sell or use) For example, one of these energy comes from large propellers of wind power production wind. This industry in the next 20 years will produce large numbers of jobs (especially engineers) and contracts to other companies (eg, maintenance, production, research, etc.) is recommended to see it as service business ideas .

New Business Opportunities 3. Outsourcing

Another industry that was fashionable as an innovative business in early 2000 was the outsourcing. That is, a business model where a company (which provides outsourcing) provides a specialized service to another company (eg, cleaning, security, maintenance, etc) to reduce cost, time and paperwork. For example, firm 2 avoids hires, changes, training and unemployment, by reducing their costs significantly. There are many niches that can innovate in the coming years, as the outsourcing of teachers, secretaries, telemarketing, etc..
b. New business niche

New Business 4. Elderly people

In America, there is a segment known as the “baby boomers”, which is the generation born after the 2nd. World War. This market represents a variety of opportunities, because in the next 10-20 years there will be significant demand for services for the elderly, both in America and around the world. For example, some new business ideas are nursing care, specialized gyms, restaurants with menus for the elderly, etc..

Innovative New Business 5. Healthy Consumer

The healthy consumer phenomenon started many years ago with products “low calorie” or “diet”. A new demand for consumer products are healthier, with fewer unhealthy ingredients, and more natural. For example, there is great demand for natural juices without preservatives or natural fiber bread. This provides a new market for small businesses, to position the region as a solution provider of natural products such as a home business idea .

New Business on the Internet 6. Credit card users

Another growing niche (in Mexico and Latin American developing countries such as Chile, Brazil and Colombia) are people with credit cards. This is a new phenomenon, due to the opening bank to issue credit cards without too many requirements. This is an opportunity for online businesses , owing to the possibility of electronic transaction.
c. Problem new business

New Business in Mexico 7. Bags and Employment Agencies

In Mexico (and worldwide), we are seeing a phenomenon that makes the lack of job opportunities for college graduates. One way to be part of the solution and applied to a business sector demand, will the stock markets and employment agencies. / Article preferred profitable business in Mexico

Profitable New Business 8. Specialized medicine

The increase in certain diseases such as diabetes, cancer or heart, is a new business opportunity to offer alternative solutions to these problems. For example, in the case of diabetes, there has emerged a new market for the sale of the plant stevia, which helps to treatment.

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