Lure Back Customers Who Abandoned Their Carts


As an e-commerce marketer, you’ve done it all – caught the customer’s eye, drawn them to your site, Lure Back Customers with your product, and induced them to purchase it.
But, did you know most of the potential customers discard their carts, leaving you at the most crucial stage, the actual sale?
Yes, you read it right! For every ten carts that the customers start, just about 7 of them would be discarded. Let’s take, for example, if the average value of your cart is £100, then that means for every £1K worth of product that’s added to the cart, £700 will not reach the checkout stage.
That is huge, isn’t it?

Well, you can certainly get back a part of it with the help of below-mentioned tips to recover the discarded carts and mind you, the result will add up pretty quick.
We’ve combed through everything about discarded carts (it’s A LOT, we must say!) whilst on a hunt for some actionable and genuinely useful advice. The result that we’ve achieved is 11 discarded carts tips, all put together here in one place.
By following these tips, you’re bound to find your business slicing those distracting CTAs and spreading the word about ‘free shipping’ like wildfire. Add to that, you will also be rolling out a virtual red carpet for some special customers and reduce your discounts.
The best thing about these tips is you’ll be fine-tuning your discarded cart e-mails, bringing in more profits!

Drive More Clicks to CTA

When it comes to abandoned cart e-mails, your objective is to lure back the customers, right? If such is the case, then why add those social media buttons at the end of your mail?
Of course, it’s going to be difficult to remove the links you’ve been used to seeing. But, in order to lure the shoppers, you must drive their attention on your ‘back-to-cart’ link. So, the bottom line is to keep an eye on the prize and remove the social media buttons.

Keep Your Abandoned Cart E-mails Live

This tip sounds too obvious to be included in the list, doesn’t it? But, believe it or not, most of the e-commerce marketers, who understand the value of these e-mails, do not have it up and running.
Bear in mind the phrase, “the best is the enemy of the good.” So, if you haven’t got your abandoned cart e-mails live yet, go do it today and come back later to these tips to fine-tune them.

Become an Optimist

Being an e-commerce marketer, when it comes to abandoned carts your mindset is what matters the most. Is the glass half-full?
Yes, and so is your cart – in terms of e-commerce, you can call it ‘half-bought’. Well, this is the customer behavior you all must embrace as an e-commerce industry.

So what if the shoppers have left the items in the cart? Instead of viewing them as lost sales, why not look at it as an indication of the purchase plan? Maybe they haven’t discarded carts, as you may call it. Maybe they are intent-to-purchase carts.

Roll Out the Red Carpet

When you are a regular customer at a restaurant, you tend to get special treatment from the employees.
Not that a free entrée or special welcome is good to have; in fact, small things like these is what tells you that you are their valued customer, keeping you coming back for more.
Similarly, for your VIP customers, you could set up a special segment or bonus, like offering free shipping or discounts. At the very least, you could simply let them know how much you value their presence.

Collect E-Mail Addresses at the Beginning

You must gather the e-mail address of your customers before the checkout process itself. If you’re asking them by the end of the game, then it won’t be possible for you to reach potential customers discarding their carts.
Though you’ve got to adjust the checkout process in order to collect their e-mail addresses first, we’d suggest you do it. This way, you will at least be able to lure back those customers who’ve abandoned their carts.

Offer Discounts Tactically

Be very smart when it comes to discounts. Do not simply go on offering it to every customer who discards the cart. On a general note, you need not add that in your initial e-mail to customers; instead, keep that for later.
Your initial e-mail has to be a ‘friendly’ reminder for them. Speaking of discounts, offer them in your second mail and perhaps give it to new shoppers only. Whilst doing so, let them know that they’re being offered a discount solely because they’ve come to you for the first time. At least this way, they will not get accustomed to expecting discounts time and again.

Do Not Throw Away Money

How low can you go to encourage customers for a purchase, which in turn increases your profits? Once you’ve finalized the customers who’ll be getting a discount from the cart e-mails, your next step would be to find out how you can capitalize on your profit margin.
Perhaps you are offering a 20% discount when 15% can be more than enough. This is where you would like to immediately start an A/B testing campaign.

Avoid the Out-Of-Stock Crisis

Does your product go out-of-stock quickly? Now imagine how customers might feel when they click on your discarded cart e-mail only to find out that the product is no longer available. If your online platform supports it, then go for ‘out-of-stock safeguards’.
In this manner, you can rest assure that reminders for abandoned carts will not be sent for products that are out of stock.

Use Catchy Subject Line Tactics

Basically, there 2 subject line tactics that work well. While fun and cheeky ones perform well for a humorous and lively brand, clear and direct subject lines perform well for just everyone. But, what doesn’t work out here is a subject line that is neither clear nor fun.
Do not over-think! Instead, ask yourself whether your customer would open the e-mail or no. Only then keep an eye on open rates like a hawk.

Offer Free Shipping

If your order is being shipped for free above a specific threshold, then do not keep that as a secret, particularly when customers are on the edge of purchasing the product.
You could instead create an altogether different series of discarded cart e-mails, which could be sent when the value of your products meets the criteria of ‘free shipping’.
Generally, the cost of shipping tends to add an extra layer of stress not only on the shipping process but also on the customers. So, if you’re going take that off from their plate, ensure that you’re letting them know.

Enjoy With Conventional Touch Points

Why must your website have all the fun? Let your customers have some of it too! As a store, if you have got an amazing sense of humor, why not show that in your discarded carts e-mails as well to Lure Back Customers?
For example, one of the clothing brands allows their customers to ‘teleport to their cart’. Now, that is something hard not to give in to!
Now you know how to lure back customers; so what next?
Simply implement the above tips and see customers completing their order in the first go! Of course, it isn’t possible to draw in every abandoned customer. But with a few changes here and there, you can certainly secure a significant amount of sales while boosting the store’s conversion rate.

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