How to Use Promotional Pens


When it comes to marketing techniques, the general rule is that simple ideas are the most effective, and you should remember that when planning to promote your business. People tend to go with simple things as they do not like too many complications. So if you try to get too smart and play games with the minds of your clients, there are high chances that your products or services will not be bought like you want them to be bought. This is also because customers have the feeling that you are trying to fool them. Small business owners especially need something cheap but effective at the same time that allows their company to be advertised. Therefore, there is nothing better than using promotional pens to increase the chances of a successful marketing campaign.

Promotional pens are not at all a new concept, but they are a long-tested and verified marketing strategy that always seems to get the desired results. This technique also used one hundred years ago and it will probably be used one hundred years from now as well. However, you should still do something to make sure the promotional pens strategy works well with your business. Before distributing the final product to the potential market you have to ensure it looks good and it delivers exactly the message you are intending to deliver to your future customers.

If you only have a low marketing budget to spend, you can go with simple ballpoint pens, as they are made of plastic and use spring action within them. Just make sure that the outer plastic or the certain material they are made from is of good quality. Keep in mind that the pen you will be offering will speak about the status and the quality of your business, and thus about the products and services you offer. If you are not happy with the design of the pens you can go back to your dealer and ask them to show you other designs.

After selecting the final design, you should ask the supplier to print your company’s name and logo on each pen. Once you see a sample of how they will look after the name and the logo are printed on them and provided that you are completely satisfied, you can let them produce a bulk number of pens. Lastly, you may give them as gifts to all your loyal customers and also your new ones, or simply to people that never heard about your company before. If used properly, this type of marketing campaign can be much more effective than the traditional flyer printing and giving away the type of campaign.

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