Company Features Sit-Stand Desks for Office


A family-owned company, Systems Commercial, is the leading supplier of low-cost designer furnishings for the office in New Zealand For example, some of the trends include sit-stand desks. The firm boasts the biggest commercial furniture showroom in Auckland as well. They have specialized in office designs and fit-outs for the past three decades.

Up-to-Date Office Solutions for All Your Office Design Needs

Therefore, you can expect Systems Commercial to also feature the current trends in office designs and fittings. For example, some of the trends include sit-stand desks, open-plan offices, breakout spaces, and communal working environments. In-house design teams can provide up-to-date solutions for all your office fit-out needs.

Why It Is Bad to Sit Too Much

In particular, sit-stand desks are an important amenity in offices today as they offer a healthier way in which to work. Therefore, it is time to take a stand in your workplace and include these furnishings. That is because sitting has been determined to be bad for one’s health. People who sit too much have an increased risk of such conditions as heart disease and diabetes. They also experience death earlier than anticipated. Not only that, sitting continuously burns very few calories. Research has linked sitting too much to obesity and weight gain.

How They Work

Sitting is a major issue for office workers as they sit for most of the day. Fortunately, standing desks represent the trending office furniture in New Zealand. The standing desk, also called a stand-up desk, is furniture that permits you to stand up comfortably whilst you are at work. Many of the current versions are also adjustable, making it possible for you to alter the desk’s height and switch between standing and sitting. These models of desks are known as height-adjustable desks.

Although research is still in the initial stages, studies do show that using a standing desk enhances a person’s health and productivity. At the minimum, the desk can negate the harmful impact that comes from sitting too much. Following are some of the additional advantages:

Standing Reduces Weight Gain

You gain weight when you take in additional calories. Whilst exercise is the most efficient way to lose weight, choosing to stand can also help with calorie loss. Studies show that standing burns over 170 extra calories when compared with sitting for the same length of time. That comes out to almost 1,000 additional calories burned weekly simply from standing at your desk during a certain timeframe. The difference in calories explains why standing is not linked to obesity or metabolic-type disease.

Standing Lowers Blood Sugar

In one small research study of office workers, each of whom stood for three hours after lunch, standing keeping the blood sugar level in check by 43% when compared to sitting for the same length of time. Another study concluded that alternating between sitting and standing every thirty minutes lowered blood sugar spikes by approximately 11%. The harmful impact of sitting includes sit-stand desks after a meal explains why too much sedentary time is connected to a 112% higher risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

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