7 Virtual Event Audience Engagement Ideas


Just because you can’t be in the same room as a virtual audience, it doesn’t mean you can’t engage them just as effectively! In fact, with the seemingly endless list of virtual events we have all attended over the past year, it’s more clear than ever why it’s so important for these events to stand out. Without effective audience engagement, you risk a bored and uninterested audience. All of the work you put into your presentation will be lost on an audience that doesn’t engage with your presentation. But here’s some good news: there are several tools and strategies for engaging a virtual audience.

Virtual Audience Engagement Ideas

Here are seven virtual event audience engagement ideas for you to try during your next meeting.

Live Polling

Hands down the most valuable tool any presenter has at their disposal is the ability to interact and engage with their audience. With the help of Swift Polling and their powerful tools for online meetings, it’s easier than ever to do this. Presenters can create a poll or survey in just a few clicks, and before they know it their audience can start responding to it. Then, these responses are automatically collected and sorted. Depending on the presenter’s choice, these results can even be displayed in real-time with the audience. These live polls help engage audience members, even when you are worlds apart. At the same time, they provide the presenter with the valuable feedback they need to make a virtual meeting or event more productive and effective.


Icebreakers are helpful for in-person and remote audiences alike. They help your audience members relax and feel more comfortable, to begin with. They also help create a more exciting atmosphere that can be felt even when it’s over an internet connection.

For a virtual event or meeting, some great icebreakers to try include:

  • Share your favorite emoji
  • Type in the comments where you are tuning in from
  • Describe the weather where you live today
  • Use an emoji to say your favorite food


If your audience isn’t given the chance to ask questions at some point during a presentation, they might leave more confused than they were when it started! Giving your virtual audience the ability to ask their questions demonstrates that you value their opinion. It also gives you the chance to address important issues and interact with your audience. For a virtual audience, the “raise your hand to ask a question” strategy might not be very effective. Instead, you can use an online Q&A tool where audience members can type their questions to send them in. These questions can be automatically sorted and saved for a certain time in the presentation. Presenters can choose to let attendees ask or answer questions anonymously, and this also helps promote more honest feedback.

Word clouds

Word clouds are used to display the most prominent idea or answer in a larger space, with less represented options in smaller bubbles. Many people are visual learners, and word clouds can help them interpret information. During your next virtual meeting, consider collecting audience data via a poll or survey and displaying it with your audience using a word cloud.

Gaming and quizzes

What’s more fun than getting to play a game during a meeting? If you want to keep audience members engaged and entertained, a fun quiz or game is the way to go! In addition to being fun, quizzes and games can also test your audience’s subject knowledge. At the same time, it encourages them to tune into the content when they know they could be tested on it. To learn more about online quizzes and gamification tools for virtual meetings, take a look at the features Quizzes Live by Swift includes.

Conduct a PowerPoint poll

Even when you’re not sitting around a conference table looking at the same screen with your team, PowerPoint presentations still have a place in many offices, even those that are virtual. If your virtual meeting includes a PowerPoint presentation you share on-screen with your audience, consider embedding a poll directly into the presentation. This saves you and your audience from having to navigate to different windows, and it also saves you, the presenter, a lot of work. If you’d like, you can even choose to display the 7 Virtual Event Audience Engagement Ideas. Audiences love seeing results calculate in more time, so this is bound to create a more memorable virtual experience for them.

Run a survey before the virtual meeting

A pre-event survey is about as close as you can get to read an audience’s mind. With the results of this pre-event survey, you have a better idea of your audience’s expectations and hopes for the upcoming meeting. It allows you to identify any particular areas you need to focus on, as well as what the audience hopes to achieve from this meeting. Of course, you can also run a survey after a meeting too. You can determine how satisfied attendees were with the meeting, what they liked/didn’t like, what they want to see next, and much more.

Engage Your Audience at Your Next Virtual Meeting or Event

The better you understand your audience, the easier it is to tailor your content to them. This insight is incredibly valuable for meeting hosts in any industry. With this data on your side, your virtual meetings will become the kind employees, team members, or audiences look forward to, rather than the ones they dread.

Now that you have seven great ways to engage a virtual meeting audience, including online polling, it’s time to give them a try! Before long, you will see that the more engaged your audience is, the happier they will be and the more efficient your meetings will become.

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