The Ultimate Guide to Article Marketing


Article Marketing Vs Other Options

I have been in marketing for many years and I suggest that you use article marketing vs any other popular method on the market today. I have invested thousands of dollars every month in order to place advertisements in magazines for products that I had for sale. I quickly found that the results provided by this technique are very limited because not many people want to purchase a magazine.

In fact, I found that many of these people are not interested in buying any of the items in the magazine. This meant that I was wasting a lot of money that I spent on placing advertisements in magazines. With this knowledge, I decided to stop for one month and take advantage of article marketing. I purchased ten articles that were designed to discuss the benefits of a new service that I was offering. Other content purchased would review this service in a positive way, I found that this content made customers more willing to spend money on this service.

The increase in traffic also allowed for the placement of advertisements that were paid by other companies, there are millions of dollars to be made in quality traffic and this has allowed me to increase my revenue very quickly. I would suggest article marketing to any company that would like to take advantage of the Internet in order to sell their products. These articles will be accessed by search engines and customers will have access to these when they look up products online.

The prices for articles are very inexpensive and I found that they produce a lot more sales than you will find with using any other technique. Examine the marketing research articles 2009 contact and you will find that millions of businesses need a new way to create income and article marketing provides this.

An Article Marketing Tutorial for Beginners

It may surprise you to learn, but article marketing is not a new thing, it has been around for almost as long as the printing press. Nowadays it is a common method used to help boost the exposure and get a website higher in the organic results of the search engines.

Article marketing is particularly powerful because variety happens naturally when other webmasters find and use your content. That said, this process doesn’t happen as often as it is claimed to, but article directories on their own still provide good backlinks. This article marketing tutorial will help you get to grips with this method.

Everyone out there is looking for content, so by supplying content you are meeting people’s needs while at the same time gaining exposure for yourself, your website, and your brands. But remember that for article marketing to work, the content has to be valuable, interesting, and informative.

When researching the area you want to write about, be sure to spend a little time gathering notes so that you can place as much interesting information into the article. If you make your content interesting it will stand out.
Set a schedule so that you are writing articles each day, or each week. Stick to the schedule and send them out each day. An article each day would be a good effective way to proceed. In essence, you are marketing related article content to what is on your website. Each article should link to a related page on your website, as well as your home page.

It is better to submit your article to one directory and write a fresh article for each subsequent directory. Some article directories allow articles to be over 350 words while others impose a strict 600-word minimum. Good article directories include Ezine articles, Go Articles, Buzzle, Amazines, and Article Directory.

By trying it out you will take yourself on a path that will see you learn how to successfully market yourself online by article marketing.

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